Road Safety

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Road Safety Photo Album
1 Varanasi Black Spot Photo Album17.8 MB
2 Prayagraj Black Spot Photo Album63.2 MB
3 Azamgarh Photo Black Spot Album35.2 MB
4 Lucknow Black Spot Photo Album55.2 MB
5 Kanpur Black Spot Photo Album25.1 MB
6 Jhansi Black Spot Photo Album18.9 MB
7 Bareilly Black Spot Photo Album36.0 MB
8 Muradabad Black Spot Photo Album 52.9 MB
9 Meerut Black Spot Photo Album 52.6 MB
10 Gorakhpur Black Spot Photo Album 30.2 MB
11 Faizabad Black Spot Photo Album 20.3 MB
Road Safety Policy
1 "State Road Safety Policy 2014" 28.7 KB
i Notification related to establishment of U. P State Road Safety Council 91.5 KB
ii High level Committee established in order of instructions provided by U.P State Road Safety 80.7 KB
iii U.P Road Safety Fund Rules, 2014125KB
2 (i) Determination of the procedure of Road safety audit231 KB
2 (ii) Road Safety questionnaire for monitoring by Honourable Supreme Court 98.1 KB
3 Black Spot List 232 KB
4 Investigations conducted by an independent agency on causes of road accidents 581 KB
5 Instructions regarding provisions in Road Safety items for estimation of road works 574 KB
6 Meeting of High Level Committee established under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary, Uttar Pradesh Government with respect to Road Safety 91.5 KB1.7 MB
7 Road safety measures for preventing accidents near petrol pump located on roads 323 KB
8 Policies for setting up hoardings on road। 511 KB
9 Road Safety Notification - 21 Jan 2016
10 Conducting Road Marking Works throughRetro-Reflective Road Signage, Raised Pavement Marker And Thermo-Plastic on NH,SH,MDR and Urban Routs.
11 Regarding determining the process of Road Safety Audit of Roads being constructed by the department.
12 Regarding determining the process of Road Safety Audit of Roads being constructed by the department. - 08/02/2018
UP Road Safety Study - Final Report and Action Plan - Sept 2006
1 Executive Summary UP
2 Vol_1_Introduction & Road Safety Policy
3 Vol_2_Institutional & Organisational Environment
4 Vol_3_Legal Environment
5 Vol 4 Financial Evironment
6 Vol 5 Accident Reporting Black spots
7 Vol 6 Road Safety Audit
8 Vol 7 Road Safety Action Plan