Organizational Structure of UPPWD

  Engineer-In-Chief (Design & Planning)  


Chief Engineer Level-2
(Electrical / Mechanical)

Executive Engineer (Procurement)
Technical Cell -15
17th circle Lucknow,
30th circle Lucknow,
47th circle Moradabad,
44th circle Varanasi.
(All Connecting Divisions)
Chief Engineer (Headquarter-2)
Senior Staff Officer(E-3), Lucknow

Senior Staff Officer(General) Lucknow
Superintending Engineer Lucknow (Court Case) 
Bridges Design division - 10 Lucknow, 
Superintending Engineer (Court Case-2), Lucknow
Superintending Engineer (Court Case-3), Lucknow.
P.A. (Ministrial)
(Vishesh Bhumi Adhyapti Officer)
Chief Engineer (Building)
10th Circle (Building) Lucknow
Building Circle Lucknow
39th Circle Lucknow
(They all subordinate Section)
Assistant Engineer Raj Bhawan
Assistant Engineer Vidhaan Bhawan
Chief Architect
02 Senior Architect
09 Architect
17 assistant architect
Director of Research Institute
Deputy Director - 03
Executive Engineer(Regional)
Superintending Engineer(E-2),
Technical Cell - 1
Task Assigned to Engineer-In-Chief (Design & Planning)
  1. Works Related to Design, Development and Research
  2. All works related to electrical, mechanical branch and establishment works .
  3. All works related to the establishment of the architect cadre.
  4. All works related to the establishment of Junior Engineer cadre.
  5. All works related to buildings
  6. All works related to Chief Engineer (Headquarter-2) such as court cases, class 03 and class 04 / Establishment / Registration / land acquisition etc.