Road Safety / IDS

IDS Module 05

S.No.Report NoModule Name 
1 04 Establishment of Dedicated training / HRD cell along with enlistment of required / available resources Download
2 15 Report on systamatic PWD functional, workload and manpower study to determine long-term minimum needs staffing strategy Download
3 27 Recommendation on long-term CSR compatible 'Core Staff Resources' plans with GOUP Download
4 37 Report for revised CSR (Civil Services Reforms) linked staff performance appraisal policy. Download
5 36 To provide program for PWD training for skill enhancement based on Training Needs Assessment. Download
6 30 Suggestion on implementing (in conjunction with new Training/ HRD Cell) on going PWD- wide project Quality management training. Download
7 43 Report to implement PWD - specific Human Resources Planning and Management Program Download
8 49 Report for implementation of CSR (Civil Services Reforms) linked PWD HR Planning and development program Download
9 50 Report on staff mobility and career development maintenance of PWD Officers Download